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Why Rom-Coms?

For a long time now, I've been in love with romantic comedies... I just can't seem to get enough of them. Today, I saw Notting Hill for the 'nth' time, although for some reason the movie completely eluded me... it was when I saw it that I remembered having seen it previously...

Anyways, so I've finished watching this movie, and I know that the next time I read 'Notting Hill' in the schedule, I will sit to watch the movie like I would for 'You've got mail' and 'Sleepless in seattle' and the other million lovely romantic comedies...

Until I asked myself why?

What is it that makes me want to go back and watch these movies... the fact that love exists? the fact that you could have a day like that? the fact that these dreams are not unachievable? the fact that for once you want to feel like that? or what?

Pondering, I am still thinking... Framing my thoughts while I pen this down...

I dismiss my own theories because I know that I have felt this way before, and that I have felt the height of what I have always wanted, and that I have got what I have wanted... Intrinsically, I believe that these movies simply make you feel better about your day, about your life, about yourself... They instill in you, a grace that you've probably lost in the stress and pace of the day, they bring out a song and a score that you will hum yourself to sleep and will whistle while going to work tomorrow... They are literally the feel-good movies, not because you're not living a good life or because you're not who you are, but only so that you relax, open up your eyes and feel good about yourself...

Like most books and most self-help preachers, the core to helping yourself is by understanding and being happy with yourself...


I know I'm rambling, I know I've probably lost track of what I've wanted to say.. But the entire act of writing this post has helped me clear some of my muddle and I hope that you (however few) are smiling, not at the post, but at life...



soulful saint said…
when i watch these movies, i feel very emotional, and also sense danger. the movies that i can watch again and again, and never get borred are "forest gump" and "the terminal". very touchy, and pearsis through your heart.

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