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Reviewing the K-Dramas I binge-watched recently: Chocolate, Doctors, Cinderella and the Four Knights and Romance is a Bonus Book (Part #2)

So like I said in my last post, here are short snippet reviews on the latest K-Dramas I've watched on Netflix: 4) Chocolate - I kept seeing promos/recommendations for this show so I just started watching it one day. The storyline is quite beautiful. It's not a romantic drama even though there's some of it. It's primarily a drama about human relationships and life in general. The two main characters are of a young boy who grows up to be a neurosurgeon (I later watched another show where also the doctors are neurosurgeons, makes me think this is a popular aspirational speciality) while being one of the heirs of a rich family who owns hospital chains, and of a young girl whose life was touched by this boy as a child who grows up to become a chef and their journey is the drama's plot line. This show also focuses a lot of episodes in the context of a hospice. It's shown in a very humane way, but those episodes touched me the most. I was practically crying each time
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Reviewing the K-Dramas I binge-watched because of Hyun Bin & Son Ye-Jin (Part #1)

This year has been an interesting year for me so far. Not just because of the coronavirus situation but because of my new found passion for Korean Dramas! So, in February, I decided to watch 'Crash Landing on You' on Netflix with my husband and literally since then I've just immersed myself whole heartedly into everything Korean! I'm right now at the 'obsessing' part, hopefully it'll mature and I'll find a healthy balance soon (or maybe not!). Quick recap of what I've done so far: After binge-watching CLOY multiple times, I joined a Facebook Fan Group for the show, joined Soompi and started reading the CLOY Drama thread and the Hyun Bin & Son Ye-Jin thread . I posted a link to my blog on the FB group and had 1000+ views with 10+ comments. I've shared the blog with multiple friends and family members, all of whom loved reading the blog and most of them then watched the show as well! My husband brought me soju + beer at home and I'm

Living in times of Covid-19. Lessons from our last 2 months in HK!

As we’re all coping with the recent Covid-19 / coronavirus related changes to our lives, thought we’ll share a brief note on some of the things we’ve learned having been living this reality for nearly 2 months now in the hope that it’ll help you get better prepared for what’s coming (as much as we can be). Things to be prepared for / Practical Tips: Purchase your regular medications + basic first aid over-the-counter medicines that you or your family members might need. Keep some cash at home for any emergencies just in case ATMs are inaccessible, etc. Important IDs - As a reminder, check to ensure that you have all the right IDs and documents and bank accounts (setup for online banking) are in place including any govt. services. Place a hand sanitizer bottle near the entrance of your home for easy access for yourself as well as visitors (when you don’t have time to wash your hands) If you are / know someone who is part of your building or society management, do check on the

Crash Landing on You - Netflix K-Drama Review

I think all of us remember our first love, we remember what it felt like to have our hearts beat that much faster, the butterflies in our stomach, the obsessing about the words we spoke or didn't speak, and other million details that come along with it. Watching a romantic comedy is supposed to evoke some bit of those memories and just fill you up in this warm, fuzzy feeling that feels like a comforting bear hug (if you like hugs!). A while back I was reading this article about the dearth of good romantic comedies nowadays and it's true, when was the last good romantic comedy you saw? To me the evergreen You've Got Mail, Kate & Leopold, Notting Hill, Sleepless in Seattle are still the classics (yes, I think I crushed on Meg Ryan a lot!). In Hindi movies, I know this divides a lot of people, but I do genuinely think Sonam Kapoor has figured this out. I absolutely loved her Khoobsurat with Fawad Khan. I thought it was funny, contemporary and their chemistry was left me

Blogging... because I can :)

A friend said something to me today and that brought me back to my blog and going through my words just randomly. You know how one comment leads you into your inbox and then suddenly you're re-reading emails from ages ago and reminiscing about the language, the experiences and the relationships... My blog is kind of like that. I didn't blog regularly. But I was quite consistent. I used to write movie reviews, book reviews, random thoughts that struck me, commentary on how I was growing up, general stuff. What struck me as I read one of my older posts was how much more diverse my reading habits used to be. I've gotten stuck in this urban fantasy genre for a while now, and I only break out of it to read books like Michelle Obama's "Becoming" but more or less I'm stuck reading one genre of books generally. I watch a slightly more diverse set of movies, but just not as intellectually stimulating ones. I remember when I was explaining to a friend about my bo

Poetry thanks to Gully Boy

Context: I saw Gully Boy yesterday. And I've been listening to the sound track pretty much on loop since morning today. I was on a flight from Hong Kong to Beijing this morning when suddenly inspiration struck... After many many days, I suddenly feel this urge to write, To think, to feel, to just get it out. Feels weird to hold a pen again. The grip is off. The speed is gone. There is a flow but I don't really know. A part of me is sad inside, A bit rushed and maybe mad too. I feel like I'm letting life happen to me, Work is sweeping me away, Conversations with friends & family are whiling time away, There doesn't seem to be a plan, a clear goal or even a dream. Work is getting hectic and I'm scared inside, of being swept away by the tide. There is noise, there is smoke, and I'm kind of afloat. I wish I could take the reins in my hand, chart my course and have a plan. I can't figure what has changed or even what is missing, all I

Movie Review: The Danish Girl

Hello you!  It's been a really long time since I blogged. I think I have probably forgotten how to do write in the first place but sometimes when the subject matter is so strong, you can't stop, so here I am, plunging into the water all over again. Maybe this will signal my coming back from the forgotten bookmarks, or maybe it's a one-off thing, but I'm just going to let this play out as it does. :) Happy New Year to you too! :)  I got back from my holidays and my friends made a plan to go watch this movie on the first day of it's release in Singapore. Yup! It's been a while since I've done one of those. The second was they decided that it was high time I got introduced to The Projector ! In the last 1.5yrs since I've been in Singapore, I've never once been to The Projector. If you're from Bombay, think of how Gaiety-Galaxy look like as theatres compared to the flashy multiplexes and combine that with the vibe, character and aesthetic b