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Delhi - 6

Why is it that we only like or appreciate movies that tell a depressing tale or are extremely lively? We have begun to conform to some norms for films and we expect every film to be better than the last.

Delhi-6, I felt was a beautifully made movie especially in terms of the rendition of some scenes and some shots. The story is quite simple with a lot of characters. Waheeda Rehman wants to back to her city, Delhi from New York to die peacefully. Her son refuses to come back, and hence her grandson, Abhishek Bachchan decides to bring her back and stay with her. Once here, he is immediately absorbed into the daily brouhaha (organised chaos) of a local city. Rishi Kapoor plays a character of Baig Uncle, Om Puri, Suchitra Phatak, and others are neighbours. Divya Dutta essayed her role of a sweeper very beautifully! The usual Hindu-Muslim angle is also brought in with seamless accuracy. Sonam Kapoor though a leading character doesn't have much of a role, her aim is to become an Indian Idol to get out of the usual marriage-system.

Images of a local Delhi, shots of spontaneous dances, and some good dialogues kept the audience in a happy mood. Half-way through the movie, you're thinking about the direction of the movie, is it only a love story, is it about religion, is it about the public servants, is it about the city, you're wondering, but you're not puzzled. It's amusing at times, and light-hearted almost throughout. There are quite a few shots and moods that remind you of Rang De Basanti, only it's not so hard-hitting. The editing of a Ramayana story in the backdrop and the actual story in the forefront is very well done.

The end is a slight tear-jerker with the usual exaggeration of events to make a point, but the point hits home.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd rate this movie at 6. It's good for a one-time watch. It's not an exceptional movie, but it's a well-made one.


~ a said…
Hey guess what! This review, was originally submitted by me on the CNN-IBN website.. and surprise surprise! I won a music CD and a coffee mug! :)

I realised I won after I received the gifts today. hehehe.. super thrilled!

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