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What's your Raashee?

Well, this is going to be a short one!

To begin with, I was expecting a movie worth the name it was carrying, "Ashutosh Gowariker" It did not. It failed miserably!

For starters,
1. Harman Baweja - This guy is terrible. I haven't seen Love Story 2050, but I'm willing to bet, it wasn't good because of him. His acting is substandard, his expressions are non-existent and his entire screen presence is minimal. In a screen he shares with Darshan Jariwalla, one tends to notice the latter.

He is also completely overshadowed by Priyanka in the movie, for starters, the movie revolves around him, but he's more like the frame in which Priyanka is set!

2. Poor screenplay - There's hardly any dialogue which evokes an emotion, no laughter, no humour, no emotional touchpoint either. I'm wondering what happened to the Ashutosh Gowariker we know! In the entire movie of 3 1/2 hours (sigh) I remember only one dialogue, where Darshan (Debu) says to these two men who're attempting to speak in English, "If you want to talk business, then talk Gujarati" That dialogue was quite apt!

3. Poor Poor Direction - At first I thought there's been some mistake, this movie could not have been directed by the same director of Jodhaa Akbar. The same man who managed to bring out sheer chemistry between Aishwarya and Hrithik in the Jodhaa Akbar, failed to even evoke a response for the whole movie! The movie makes me feel like he had a concept which he decided to shoot. The actors have pretended to behave normally, hence there's very little over-the-top acting, but that acting is still acting, it's not natural or normal... It's not even raw, it's like made-up something! The basic idea is not clear and it shows through the movie.

4. No editing! - This movie like most of his others is again a long one! 3 1/2 hours for no rhyme or reason! There was absolutely no necessity for the umpteen songs, save one, choreographed and co-performed by Terence Lewis. That was a beauty. It was a treat to see Priyanka perform in that song... But apart from that song, and the other one in which Harman does some 'Step-Up' type dancing, there's no song needed in that movie!!

5. Bad plot - The movie ended with a fade out sort of a sequence, and you're left wondering, Oh my God, that's it, it ended?! THAT was an END?! THAT's what I paid money for?! It was a huge let down...

My ideal ending would've been (in these circumstances) that Priyanka eventually reveals that she's one person and not 12 different people! That would've made it worth it a little bit!

So all in all,

Priyanka's done a great job, she's actually acted in 12 different roles and that's a huge thing. The make-up, dressing, sculpting of each character was well done. So thumbs up to her!

But for the rest, it doesn't really matter. Don't watch the movie!


Ricky said…
My ideal ending would have been that hurman/harman or whatever it is gets rejected by all 12 priyankas and learns a lesson to never attempt acting again!
~ a said…
:) yeah that would've at least made us laugh once in the whole movie?!! :D

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