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What a Chillar Party!

Sitting at home, watching a great fun movie on a lazy Saturday, what could be better? Perfect life. Today I saw Chillar Party. So many months after it had released and boy what a movie! Absolutely loved it. A fun, light-hearted (though the amount of tears I shed are contrary to that), kiddy movie with a sweet purpose. It was like watching Stanley Ka Dabba only it was a lot more fun. :)

Bunch of kids with nicknames staying together in a colony get introduced to a new kid who's come to wash their parents' cars. Only, this kid has brought man's best friend along with him, bhidu, an amiable stray. The kids whose team is called 'chillar party' begin to view this intrusion as precisely that and proceed to being mean to him. When one of their pranks go a little too far, they feel guilty for their mistakes, and they apologize. After that, the team has a new member, Fatka. Together they play, and they win many battles. Whether the battles were to make the kids realize the value of what they had in so many ways. There was a scene where this kid tells Fatka how he envied his life and how there was no one to yell at him, and Fatka says, yes, but that also means that there wasn't anyone to love him. Similarly, while some kid complained about how he was forced to drink milk each day, there was a perspective of how even if he didn't drink his milk he still didn't have to go to bed hungry. Amidst all these 'lessons' there was also a lot of fun... Especially this one part when all the kids start speaking 'tapori', it was straight out of 'rangeela'... :)

Each of the kids had a very distinct character but this one kid really stood out, "Jhangya" (it took me many attempts to get the spelling right, and to get what his name means, guess that also means that my hindi is really terrible but then again how many of you have heard this term and know what it means? Acc to Google Translate as I was embarrassingly pointed out, it's the second meaning for the term 'underwear', anyways i'm digressing) He had perfect timing and just his complete innocence in his actions was too cute! Like this time when he goes out with some flour in order to create fake dog 'poop', his mom asks him why he was taking the flour and he said it's for a cooking class at school. She asks him to take some veges with him and he looks at her and says 'basic course hain, advanced nahi hain!'

So many beautiful moments in the movie... The playful conversations that they have with Fatka, Bhidu coming and licking them all over... They were a perfect pair. Mangy looking stray and the dirty, rustic looking kid. This one time when they trap Bhidu into a car just to poke fun at Fatka, it was heart-wrenching to see this kid cry at the car's window looking woefully at Bhidu stuck inside... After a few minutes the kids realize their error and release the dog, but those moments when he was inside, the extent of the guilt that they feel almost transcends into you and before you know it, you're crying because you want the dog to be reunited with his owner too..

This other guy, 'Encyclopedia' was the typical geek of the gang who ran all the plans. I loved how they created a campaign to save the dog and he sent out email invites to his friends asking them to support them in a morcha. Thankfully they didn't show him create a 'Causes' campaign on Facebook!

Lots more to write, but I'd rather you go and watch the movie. Also, make sure to sit through the very end of the credits, because just seeing all the kids sleeping during the shooting and their minor squabbles will remind you of the fun'ness' in being a kid all over again. I don't know about you, but this movie made me want to be a mom. Though to be frank, I'd have quite a hard time dealing with a son who's even half the kid that these guys are shown to be like.



ayesha said…
loved this movie too! Hilarious acts by little kids

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